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Adwokat Fordey Piotr. Kancelaria adwokacka

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Śląskie Bielsko-Biała pl. św. Mikołaja 5, Śląskie, Polska 43-300
One thought on “Adwokat Fordey Piotr. Kancelaria adwokacka”
  1. For Piotr Fordey – 5 Stars & 50 more

    It is difficult to express enough gratitude to a man who has literally saved my future, and the future of our family.

    It was unimaginable at the beginning of my trial how I could possibly win such a complicated and challenging case.

    As a foreigner, this was even more terrifying as I did not understand the language, the legal process, the duration and how much impact this would have on the life of my family.

    It is because of Piotr that I am still here and able to write this testimony from my own home, and not somewhere I would never want to be.

    I have sat beside Piotr in every court hearing and seen first-hand, the talent, the skill, the depth of knowledge, the passion, the persistency that makes Piotr the truly amazing advocate that he is.

    Piotr’s professionalism and presence in the courtroom gave me the courage, strength and comfort to build a resilience against all the negativity. He made me feel protected.

    Throughout this very long and terrifying process Piotr has consulted with my wife and I at every point. He explained everything in a clear, logical and understandable language.
    This gave us hope.

    But it wasn’t just in the courtroom, It was the countless hours Piotr has spent with research, preparation planning and strategizing
    Piotr’s attention to the smallest detail makes him a ferocious opponent for the prosecution.

    Piotr is an incredibly talented Advocate that we would recommend without hesitation.

    Piotr defended me as if he was defending his own family.

    So, for Piotr, my wife and I could never thank him enough and our gratitude is to him forever.

    No greater gift can a man give another – than a future.

    Thank you Piotr

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